Global Health : Hiv / Aids Epidemic

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The existing literature on Global Health suggests that amid the spread of globalization, improvements in human health have been made over the last fifty years, but the disappearance of transnational borders has also created health risks at the international level. Research on the topic of global health indicates that real world occurrences have provoked the perceived need for cooperation in the international health sector (Skolnik 2012, pg. 336-342). Disease are not confined by state boundaries and this has led to several health issues that paradigmatically shifted international health into global health. One of the most noted events that brought attention to global health includes the HIV/AIDS epidemic. This pandemic illustrates one of the most significant challenges facing global health today-- the spread of infectious diseases caused by global factors. The movement of goods and services, and the growth of international trade have increased human mobility, thus mobilizing disease and infections as well. Current research analyzes how international trade, economic development, cultural exchanges, and human movement and travel have contributed to the prevention and control of infectious disease such as HIV, malaria, SARS, etc. (Knobler, Mahmoud 2006). The disparities between public health in developed and undeveloped nations has not been explored fully in the discipline of Global Health. By exploring historical trends of global health, this paper will attempt to theorize how…

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