Global Health Issues That You Value, And How Did You Plan For Address Them?

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1. Provide an overall summary of your original proposal. What global health issues did you value, and how did you plan to address them? (1 paragraph) Growing up in Rwanda which is one of the sub-Saharan country, I was exposed to know things happening in my country or anywhere else in Africa. The fact that I was born and raised in Africa has influenced me in my original proposal where I focused in sub-Saharan countries. Among the priority task that I chose in my original proposal includes Access to clean water, Education, Healthcare, Electricity, and Gender equity. I thought of building schools and insure that basic education is free for all regardless their gender. Because in most of African countries women and young girl are discriminated from certain job or prevented to go to school when they are still young. I also suggested in my original proposal that access to clean water would reduce the peak caused by diseases related to poor sanitation and the use of unclean water. Building wells and providing tanks to keep rain water was the solution that I suggested. Furthermore, electricity was also one of my priority things to consider, so that people can work long hours rather that going to sleep after the nightfall. Also students, small and big businesses, and hospitals (healthcare) can all benefit from electricity. Last but not least was to improve healthcare. In sub-Saharan countries that’s where you can find a high rate of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis and other

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