Global Health Organization System Of The United Nations

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Introduction Global health care continues to evolve as countries develop and also improve medical technology and treatments for diseases. Medical teams from developed countries continue to work in developing countries to treat patients and train locals with the medical skills they will need in order to help those in their community. The World Health Organization (WHO) is constantly monitoring and taking the lead when it comes to providing the health care that so many countries desperately need. Their primary mission is to direct and coordinate the international health within system of the United Nations. The World Health Organization set the standards, promote and monitor their plan. They also provide any technical support that is needed, they monitor the health situation and review the current health trends, build maintainable institutional magnitude, better define the ethical and evidence-based policy options, provide the leadership on critical issues that involve health and they also participate in partnerships when it appears that a group effort is needed. The World Health Organization work in several areas of the government and their partners. A few of these sectors are the private sector, civil society organizations, and funds and foundations. They do this to achieve the health objectives that they have set and to also support their strategies and national health policies. It is important to remember that the World Health Organization works very closely with…
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