Global Hunger Is The Most Prevalent Issue

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Global Hunger is the most prevalent issue in the modern world. In much of Asia, Africa and other parts of the developing world, people are malnourished and do not have access to sufficient food. Hunger levels in third-world countries has decreased, however in war affected countries such as Iraq, hunger has increased severely. Malnourishment affects the body all through a person’s life, from the moment they are born to when they are elderly, if they survive that long. Life long hunger can increase mortality rate, stunt growth, increase risk of diseases and mental impairment. World Vision, an organisation that helps third world countries to overcome “poverty and injustice”, has a program called the 40 Hour Famine, where volunteers collect donations and in return give up something that people in impoverished countries do not have such as food, furniture and technology for 40 hours. This year the 40 Hour Famine will held on the 14th to the 16th of August and this year 38,461 people have participated in the event. Through surveys, posters and group involvement in the 40 Hour Famine, I will raise awareness and knowledge about Global Hunger around my school.

In order to investigate the statistics surrounding Global Hunger and its funding I used three different methods to gain information.
• Primary Source – School Survey
• Primary Source – Subject Expert Survey
• Secondary Source – Internet research
These sources are all reliable for accurate information in order to properly
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