Global Industry Issues ( Food & Beverage ) Essay

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Global Industry issues (Food & Beverage)
Food and beverage industry is going through lots of changes and making its way to diversified categories. Since the beginning of twenty-first century, food and beverage industries have to face a lot of challenges which forcing this industry to change its strategy and operation. Before twenty- first century, food and beverage industry was all about advertising which was most of the time was just show off. But in this new era, consumers want more from food and beverage industry which includes ingredient declaration, removing harmful ingredients and also the packaging systems which won’t be harmful for our biodiversity. This industry has to take taste, health, nutrition and lightness into consideration at the same time. Increasing challenges from shadow brands and complicated relationships between retailers and wholesalers made this industry to run its operation more carefully and efficiently.
We tried to highlight and explain five industry issues at the global level which of food and beverage industry. These are pointed below-

• Technological development and impact: New technologies and healthy ingredients are changing food and beverage production, supply chain and delivery process. Present consumers are more conscious about their health as well as their time. Which encouraging food and beverage industry to concentrate on healthy ingredients in their production and concentrating more on online shopping. In production, there are

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