Global Industry Simulation

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Section 1: Company name, an organizational Chart and Job Descriptions COMPANY NAME Basically there were six major questions that were asked before deciding the name of this company and these six questions are as follow: What are the main customer advantages that my product offers and how can it become prominent. Is there any sort of sole benefit that can be named for all products or services. What sort of company's image do I want to create in consumer's mind Should the name of the company be synonymous to me? Will the name be a compelling brand as I want my product to attract and engage customers? Is the name of the company is easy to get In the initial process some of the points discussed above were difficult to answer but discussing it with some close friends helped a lot to name the business as DIGITAL PERFECTIONS. Organizational Chart Digital perfection does not have a very complicated organizational structure as it is a small scale company. The following chart shows the structure very clearly: Roles And Responsibilities Operations Director Job description: Operation director will be mainly responsible for the improvements and enhancing within the organizational structure and will allow the company to get the opportunities to grown, He/ she will directly report to CEO (Ulrich, Brockbank, and Johnson, 2008). Accountability: The major point is that he/she should be capable enough to plan, develop as well as implement the basic strategies for the
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