Global Information Systems At Toyota Motor Company

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Case Study 9-1 Global Information Systems at Toyota Motor Company Answer to case studies should be no less than 300 words per question. Pg199 1. What role do global networks play in the effective implementation of JIT? When companies seek to expand their foothold in the business world they expand to other countries. Obviously, maintaining effective control over multiple business locations across different countries and continents can be difficult without the use of a quick and reliable method of communication. This is where global networks come in. Global networks are technology-based communication networks that span the entire Earth. To manage its car manufacturing operations on five different continents, the Toyota motor company employs several different kinds of information systems to get the job done. Internet and global networks to allow Toyota communicate with their offices, plants, and dealerships around the world. The global automotive manufacturer Toyota, is one of the founders of the Toyota Production System (TPS), which was an early version of the Just In Time (JIT) inventory system, which allows Toyota to have the exact number of components needed at any time in order to continue with its operations, avoiding the waste that commonly results when components get inventoried and stored. Global networks can be used to see that automotive production is on track. To be competitive on a global scale, Toyota needs to make sure that partly finished goods are
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