Global Issue : New Information Technology Initiatives

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Global Issue: New Information Technology Initiatives Introduction This paper aims to suggest three new IT initiatives for the company. It defines the term and presents the key concepts for each initiative. It discusses the advantages of implementing these initiatives, identifies the challenges, and suggests vendors who could help implement these initiatives in the company. The 3 initiatives are customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI) analytics, and agile development methodology. CRM helps in understanding everything about the customers, including their business challenges, current use of products (both ours and competitors), and future plans; BI helps to increase the organizational knowledge beyond collections of…show more content…
The main user expectations include ease of use (low training time), ease of customization, work seamlessly with other software in the company, data security and protection, and availability on different devices including PCs, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones (Levdikova, 2017). Successful CRM solutions should be niche-based, able to address specific business needs, scalable with organizational growth, and cloud-based with enhanced document control, increased collaboration, and high data security. Other desired features include interaction notes, file sharing, real-time sharing, invoicing, dialing capabilities, email integration, and third-party integrations (The Best CRM Software of 2017,” n.d.). Advantages of implementing a CRM. A good CRM allows a company to have good data management, intra-team workflow, and communications integration, multilingual interface for international operations, marketing campaign automation, pulling customers-related information from social media, and BI analytics for deep insight into business trends and performance results, as well as targeting groups for notifications according to the contacts’ interests and share notes about customer interactions across departments, thereby increasing efficiency (“The Best CRM Software of

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