Global Issues Of Ecommerce Technology

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Global Issues in Ecommerce Technology 623:52:445 Professor Kendall 2 May 2016 Social Network Fever Term Project: Position Paper Joseph Castaner Abstract Social networks founding in the last decade was saw to be a fad and it was only going to capture the teenage market that was interested in video games. Critics of social media could not have been more wrong of what this was going to turn into. Social networking site are used on a daily basis by billions of people around the globe. My research has lead me to find that social networks are still growing exponentially and will continue to. In conclusion I will argue that social media is here to stay and we have to watch the way we utilize it. Introduction Social…show more content…
This another issue all together but points at the range of how vast social networking truly is. This is an important issue to research because it gives us information as to the way people utilize social networking sites and gives us not only more information to share with others but a competitive advantage within the intense world of business. My research method was spent finding articles that allowed insight into usership of social networking sites as well the average amount of time spent on social networking sites and correlating these findings to relay information worth discussing. This subject is worth studying because of the amount of time users now spend in front of some type of screen, whether that be a TV, mobile device, iPad or tablet device and so on and so forth is truly alarming and is molding the world we encounter on a daily basis. The technology industry is forever growing and expanding at an exponential rate. According to Moore’s Law, written by Intel’s co-founder, Gordon E. Moore, he explains that “transistors in a dense integrated circuit are doubling every two years.”Knowing this, we find that the way humans interact and the fact that we are social beings, we are communicating far more often in front of a screen rather than face to face. This topic stems into many other factor worth studying but that ones that this paper will be focusing on will be average time users spend on social networking sites and what this causes, how employer use
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