Global Issues On Historical Perspective

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Chulong Shen
Instructor: Professor Rudolph M. Bell
Course: Looking at 21st C. Global Issues In Historical Perspective.
Mid-Term Report

From the study of week four material which is family roles. It can be noticed that how roles for women changed during the time. As we have already discuss plenty of the historical issue, for this reach paper, i want to talk something more relevant, some situation just happened in this century.

The first thing I want to talk is One Child Policy, which is a population control method of People’s Republic of China. It establish in 1950s, and been treated as one of the basic policy in China. Chinese government try to use this method to control the baby boom after the World War II. “As the population rose further during the sixties and seventies, China found it increasingly difficult to feed everyone. Had the population growth remained unchecked, no one knows what kind of unrest or civil war would have shaped up. Not only has China managed to contain its population growth with the one child policy but it has managed to become a superpower with healthy citizens.”(NLCATP) China claims that it has prevented or averted four hundred million births in the last three decades, that’s much more than the population of the United States.China’s manpower was an advantage back at the time when Mao initiated rapid development and industrialization. Even today, China is the most populous country and the manufacturing hub of the world. One child
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