Global Leadership Theory For The Future

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This paper will discuss global leadership concerns for the future, identify an emerging leadership theory that could guide a global agenda, determine the level of responsibility a professional has to prepare themselves as a leader and finally, establish a personal plan that will implement my developmental goals, a summary of action steps, report progress along each step and how the plan will support and enhance growth within myself and others. Defining leadership is hard to describe. Leadership involves establishing a clear vision. It also means sharing that vision with others that will follow willingly and providing the information, knowledge and methods to realize that vision. Leadership is coordinating and balancing the conflicting interests of all members and stakeholders. (Business dictionary, 2014) According to Doyle and Smith (2001), leaders often become visible when an innovative response is needed and the demand is high. Globalization is becoming a fast trend that will require leaders to have the five discovery skills and be capable of thinking outside of the box to acquire new ideas and ways to advance technology to help organizations gain the advantage to be successful in the today’s society. Leaders cannot be afraid to take that leap to make innovation work and leaders have to look for the right group of people to help implement their ideas and changes needed to be competitive. According Brian O 'Nail, the author of Test Your Leadership Skills,
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