Global Market Demand : The Hub Of A Community

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The hub of a community, often times are centered upon the healthcare industry in its various forms and with that said Walgreens offers each community that. It services as an educational center and reference points for elderly for example that require a bridge to typical healthcare inquires or often times new parents or reference for local schools or business via community health initiatives. Walgreens the organization has a shared vision of providing its communities and customers trusted services to include medicine preparations, counseling, routine immunizations to specialty pharmaceuticals and wellness amenities. Their goal is to provide each customer and member specialized and adaptive care as evidence to their ongoing initiatives to…show more content…
Disruptive Change and Organizational Response In response to reorganization, Walgreens the brand has adapted to undercurrents by increasing staffing, staffing patterns and relevance of staff members to their communities. For instance, in high density, urban areas Walgreens have made provisions for more culturally diverse staffing patterns, to accommodate the requirements of their customers. With the ever changing influx of cultural diversity, there was never such need for language; bridging the gap the organization allotted for multi- lingual staffing patterns to ensure a wider variety of customer would benefit from services. Additional adaptations to organizational structure allowed for structural changes to free up the leaders’ time and better support them. Second, we had to change decision rights so that the right approvals were happening in the right places. Next came incentives; we had to change the way that we motivated and rewarded people, to emphasize employee engagement and customer satisfaction (Wagner & Orvis, 2010). Walgreens also implemented tele health initiatives in collaboration with MDLIVE, in June 2015. With the addition of MDLIVE, the largest tele health platform remote consumers gained access to the Walgreens

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