Global Marketing And Supply Chain Management Essay

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• Global Marketing and Supply Chain Management CH18 • Global Supply Chain Strategies. o Implement Efficiency/Cost Strategy. Focus on the low-cost labor, offshore development and manufacturing. • Preferable strategy in the early stage offsetting operations in Cambodia. • Probing the market. o After establishing on the Cambodian market implement Flexibility strategy. • Being a worldwide recognizable brand, the flexibility strategy is the must for the company. • Develop products that are available and influential in the whole Asia Pacific region and beyond. o Integrate as much as possible Innovation and Quality strategies in both Efficiency and Flexibility strategies. (Daniels et al., 2015, p.700) • Supplier Networks. o Source and develop ideas and prototypes at home. R&D based in US. o Sourcing of raw material and components both at home and Asia pacific region. Depending on the cost. o Manufacturing and assembly of finished products abroad. o Sale of products. Both home and abroad. • Information Technology and Global Supply-Chain Management. o Apply EDI supply chain management to link the suppliers, manufacturers and intermediaries in the region. o Exploit Private Technology Exchange (PTX) between R&D manufacturers and customers. • Mentor Graphics is customer oriented company. • PTX online collaboration allows us to make quick changes to products per customer request. • Customer and manufacturer are up to date with any changes or delays in R&D. • Eliminates time and
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