Global Marketing Environment and Country Road

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1.01. Introduction:

In this report I will analyse Country Road Clothing Company (CR) and the CR customer. Specifically, I will be analysing the marketing environment and Country Road’s approach to this environment and how CR market to their customers. I will look it why the marketing in Australia is so successful but how this same success was not translated in overseas markets. I will also discuss the different macro and micro environmental influences to this failure in the U.S. markets and make recommendations on how CR might have learnt from previous marketing mistakes and show how they are striving for success in the future.

1.02. Critical evaluation of the chapter:

Kotler describes the Marketing environment as “ The actors and
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Thus, Country Road was established.
The women’s fashion range became a look that epitomised Australian style and Country Road quickly grew from a basic manufacturer and small time retailer, to a leader in Australian fashion retailing. In just 6 years, Steve Bennett secured distribution in retailing giant Myer Emporium and opened 10 retail stores. In 1981, the Myer Emporium purchased the company (Kerr & Sarina 2007).
CR expanded to include a menswear range in 1984 and they made the first move into an overseas market and opened stores in New Zealand. They continued to go enjoy financial success and tried to capitalise on growing market share by expanding into accessories, which was followed 2 years later by launching a range of home wares.

Country Road had now become a major retailer, creating a one stop shop for your entire home and clothing fashion needs, a mini department store that dominated the retail sector and offered a “quintessential Australian” style (Country Road 2009).

3.01. The Country Road Customer in Australia:

CR worked very hard at capturing the essence of the Australian lifestyle and design clothing that reflected it. They developed the brand on providing “simple, uncluttered clothes” (Women’s Wear Daily, 1997). Since Country Road inception, marketing focus has been directed towards middle to upper socio-economic demographic, this hasn’t changed in 36 years. Country Road continuously talk to a

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