Global Marketing Of Cholesterol Lowering Drugs As Therapy

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Competition in global marketing is consistently increasing, the marketing manager must be knowledgeable in the category of global marketing. Global marketing encompasses how marketing to one area of the world differs from the other parts of the world creating markets to the toughest to reach customers. As a marketing manager, one must be able to analyze the economy and how different parts of the world respond to multiple marketing techniques. This paper will critique the following article “ Global Marketing of Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs as Therapy” written by Jonathan Elimimian MBA, EdD, DBA, James Gilmore, PharmD, MBA, and Tony Singletary PharmD, MBA, 2010. Through the view point of a marketing manager, one will be able to identify the impact of global marketing and how this branching out of marketing helps contribute to the overall success of a pharmaceutical company. The thesis of this article illustrates different aspects to consider in order to bridge the gap between Physicians and their patients as well as Physicians and the pharmaceutical company. Elimimian et al, identify a market to focus on to help illustrate the multiple considerations the marketing manager must take into their marketing plan to successfully market globally. Using Thailand as an example, the authors are able to specifically educate one in a marketing management position on how to carefully choose their marketing technique wisely. A few key ideals outlined in this article include analyzing the
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