Global Marketing Of Starbucks : Marketing

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Global Marketing of Starbucks The Starbucks brand was founded in 1971 in Seattle, when an English teacher Jerry Baldwin, a History teacher Zev Siegl, and a writer Gordon Bowker decided to open their own coffee shop. Now, Starbucks is the most successful coffee company in the world that serves coffee in 65 countries in more than 23000 stores. Among professional young adults, Starbucks is the brand of coffee shop that makes coffee-drinking experience unique because of its high-quality service. In the most countries Starbucks remains to be a leader in coffee business. The success of the company in its Global Marketing shows that Starbucks founds the way to bring the product across cultures, maintaining the core business values untouched. The company maintains to be a “third place” between home and work and positioned as an “affordable luxury”. Nowadays brands become an important part of daily life in different cultures across the world. Branding is a unique form of communication that talks to consumers in a scene of products/services with a promise to satisfy their needs/wants. Marketing academics believe that the strategy of building a strong brand are nearly equal across the world. One of the reasons to bring a business to a new geographical place is understanding that there are unmet needs or wants around the globe and that a global marketing work can make the life of people better(Cayala & Arnould, 2008, p. 87). For the past recent years, globalization of markets showed
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