Global Marketing Operations of Starbucks

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Abstract: The study has explained the global marketing operations of Starbucks. There are a number of environmental factors that play a crucial role in shaping Starbucks global domestic marketing strategy. Starbucks is growing at a great pace and has been extremely successful in managing its global operations. The world has shifted towards globalization which is the integration of the world businesses and the treatment of the whole global market as one. Almost all the big corporations have started participating in Global Economics by changing their business practices and obtaining a global culture. Companies that have adopted these global practices effectively have made great profits because of the openings of the new market and opportunities, giving them a greater revenue potential. The example of Starbucks can explain the various facets of global domestic marketing. In thirty years Starbucks has moved from a single store shop in 1980s to a global coffee retailer having more than 17,000 stores globally in over 50 countries. Starbucks first step towards global expansion started in Japan, where they established a joint venture with a renowned local retailer. By looking at the business environment of Japan, it was the perfect move. To ensure "Starbucks Experience", some employees were also transferred to Japan where they trained the Japanese managers. After the success in Japan, Starbucks moved to other parts of the world aggressively. They purchased Seattle Coffee

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