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Global Marketing Plan
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Executive Summary

Gambit Sports Outreach Program is designed to reach the children and the residents of Haiti. Gambits purpose is to develop a nonprofit sports soccer facility that focuses on educating the whole person through education, nutrition and sports. Children are in important part of our future and Gambit wants to be able to help Haiti and the children build up confidence in the people as well as a positive change. Haiti is a place that is known for soccer and Gambit wants the chance to build up Haiti and the people that live there.
Gambit Sports Outreach program will create a
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Buyers are able to shift purchases or put pressure on the seller. These forces carry over directly to the global case (Johansson, 2009). Gambit will always make sure that the supplier power is always met. Gambit will always have the necessary equipment available for the player at the residents. We pursue our goal for providing a positive integrity soccer experience by incorporating the Porters five force model into our strategic marketing plan. The Aim of Gambit is to use Sports to help in the social, environmental, and ethical issues that the Haitian community faces. The Environmental Regulations that are placed on Haiti have an influence on the forces of competition. The regulation helps to create a new thriving competitive environment. In Table Two the Porters five force model gives an overview of the forces and how they apply to each other.
Strategic Alliances
It is imperative that Strategic Alliance be formed with Haiti’s National Soccer Foundation, Haitian Business Investors and other Domestics Investor in order to gain as well as foster positive collaboration. This collaboration will share vital information, assets, and technology as well as will be seen as a stronger business force or coalition unit that will pursue the joint venture of establishing the Gambit Outreach Soccer Program building and stadium.
The Strategic Alliance will also have the necessary bargaining power,
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