Global Marketing Summary Chapter 5-10

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CHAPTER 5- The Political, Legal, and Regulatory Environments of Global Marketing Introduction • The global marketer must attempt to comply with each nation’s laws and regulations with respect to the cross-border movement of services, people, money, and know-how. Laws and regulations that change frequently or are ambiguous can hamper the company’s activities. The Political Environment • Made up of governmental institutions, political parties, and organizations that rulers and people use to wield power • Each nation’s political culture reflects the importance of the government and legal system. • Issues for foreign investors include the governing party’s view on sovereignty, political risk, taxes, equity dilution,…show more content…
r types of issues arising outside of a nation’s borders or to exercise power over individuals or entities from different countries • Employees of foreign companies should understand the extent to which they are subject to jurisdiction of host-country courts • Courts have jurisdiction if it can be demonstrated that the company is doing business in the state the court sits Intellectual Property • Intellectual property must be registered in each country where business is conducted • Patent—gives an inventor exclusive right to make, use, and sell an invention for a specified period of time • Trademark—distinctive mark, motto, device, or emblem used to distinguish it from competing products • Copyright—establishes ownership of a written, recorded, performed, or filmed creative work Infringement of Intellectual Property • Counterfeiting—unauthorized copying and production of a product • Associative counterfeit/imitation—product name differs slightly from a well-known brand • Piracy—unauthorized publication or reproduction of copyrighted work • Intellectual Property Protecting Intellectual Property • In the United States, registration is with the Federal Patent Office • In Europe, applicants use the European Patent Office or register country by country • Soon the Community Patent Convention will cover 25 countries • World Intellectual Property Organization • Governed
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