Global Marketplace Essay

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According to Giddens, Globalization is an economic phenomenon which refers to the fact that “we all increasingly live in one world, so that individuals, groups, and nations become more interdependent” (Giddens, 457). Among the many economic factors driving globalization, the role of transnational corporations is particularly important. Giddens defines transnational corporations as “companies that produce goods or market services in more than one country” (Giddens, 461). These companies may be relatively small firms with one or two factories outside the country in which they are based or gigantic international ventures whose operations crisscross the globe. The operations of these corporations stretch across
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Then in the late ’80s and early ’90s, Nike and its subcontractors began shutting down factories in South Korean and moved to China, Indonesia, and Thailand. Here they could pay women even less. And other athletic shoe companies also now have factories in these countries.” According to Oxfam, (, workers producing some of the best shoe seller brands, including Nike, Fila, Adidas, Puma, and New Balance work in extremely bad and unsafe working conditions. Many workers face low wages, long hours, verbal abuse, and denial of their worker rights. Moreover, it has been reported that there is higher percentage of women working in these sweatshops and most of them are a victim of sexual harassment or some other form of abuse. Similarly, in the article “Job on the Line”, William Adler shows how moving a job away from America takes away a certain quality of life from the American worker that it does not then provide to the non-American worker. While employees in developing countries can be paid poorly, employees in America still have to be treated well. In the article, Mollie James, unfortunately, is among the exploited rather than the exploiters. In the article, Adler
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