Global Mindset Is A Major Factor That Can Help People Fit Cross Cultural Environment

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With the development of the globalization, the economic, political and cultural exchanges will be more frequent between different countries. In another word, the globalization gives more benefit to everyone. Global mindset is a major factor that can help people fit in cross-cultural environment. In the BUAD878, the course introduces the meaning of global mindset, how to improve the capabilities during globalization, and how the global mindset develops leadership in the future. In the book, I got some basic information and suggestions about the global mindset. Also, I read many articles that help me understand the global mindset and the leadership from many different aspects. Moreover, there are three topics that interest me at the beginning of the course. First, the global mindset influences the personal awareness of cross-cultural, the connection with different people. Secondly, the global mindset provides the new area, which will improve the leadership. The global mindset also strengthens my behavior toward my leadership. Last, it is necessary to focus on the global mindset for a leader. The capabilities of the global mindset will be my major direction in my future leadership. My personal growth paper will focus on these topics. And I truly learn sufficient knowledge, which helps me understand clearly on those concerns. First, I will talk about my personal awareness of cross-cultural that affect by global mindset, and the connection with different people. The global
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