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Introduction Bloomberg, the global news leader, business and financial information provider provide information, ideas, and news through technology for customers around the world. The company has more than 4,000 technologists that help in designing, defining and building different technologies to accomplish needs of leading financial market. After three decades, Bloomberg is still striving hard to bring transparency to the financial market and encourage their employees to deliver unique, variable solutions through innovations and technologies. Trading is one of their fastest growing departments in Research & Development (R&D), which requires skilled software developers to build and deliver crucial financial trading applications that allow…show more content…
However with the increase in demand for hiring, availability of potential candidates can become difficult to find. Demand for software developers has grown 16% from April 2013. Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that a median salary in 2012 for a software developer with an associate’s degree was estimated to be $93,350 per year ($44.88 per hour). The number of jobs in 2012 was forecasted to undergo a revolutionary change with demand increasing from 1,018,000 to approximately 222,600 in 2022. In 2014, New York was listed as one of states with highest level of employment in this occupation. Computers and Information technology are involved in every aspect of our lives. Information Technology (IT) helps in solving diverse tasks, integration and communication of businesses, which requires a large workforce to develop, build, design and maintain technology. When the economy started declining due to recession in 2007-2009, employment in software and IT were not significantly affected. The industry lost one percent of its employment in 2009 but regained its business in 2010. The demand for services in software and IT has resulted in creating a vast pool of high paying jobs. Their role involves from designing a wide range of programs including games, electronic maps that help people in direction, cloud computing networks, etc. Are there important technology changes that can influence productivity for this
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