Global Organization Code Of Ethics

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Global Organization Code of Ethics
This Code of Ethics applies to our entire global organization. It sets forth the values and expectations for all employees and shareholders within our company.
Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Fair Business Practices
This organization will engage in practices that encompass integrity, honesty, respect and fair practices.
- Honesty: All employees are expected to be honest with fellow employees, stakeholders, investors, and vendors.
- Integrity: All employees will exemplify integrity in all practices related to our business.
- Respect: All employees will treat all other employees, stakeholders, investors and vendors with respect and dignity. Employees will exhibit respect for the globally diverse population we serve and employ.
- Fair business practices: All interaction when conducting business will be done in a way which allows opportunity for the inclusion of all interested parties. No exclusions from conducting business will be imposed with the following exception; Any organization that belongs to a government that does not support this code of ethics will be excluded from conducting business with this organization and its affiliates.
Leadership and Transparency
The management of our company will provide and support transparency with its employees and stakeholders. Quarterly reports will be shared electronically for all interested parties to review. There will be an annual report that will display profits and losses, growth, and market…
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