Global Organizational Structure Is The Way A Company

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As trade increases hyper-competition grows forcing organizations to go global. By a company going global it requires them to rethink strategy and reform (Ananthram and Pearson, 2008). Global organizational structure is the way a company aims to merge local preferences with global strategy. The definition of global strategy is “strategic choices that have the characteristics of being globally uniform or integrated,” (Yip et al., 1997) such as standardization of products, uniform marketing, and competitive moves, but all globally (Townsend et al., 2004; Zou and Cavusgil, 2002; Bayraktar and Ndubisi, 2014). Global strategic strategy is a way to adjust to globalization. Globalization is “the economic and social process by which economies and communities grow inextricably interdependent “(Jhirad et al., 2009). The recent financial crisis (Das, 2010), large amount of poverty, and climate change are all problems that show how the world is globally connected because all countries impact each other (Jhirad et al., 2009).

Research Methodology

This research is qualitative. When the research focuses on fields such as human behavior, strategy configuration, and policy assessment the qualitative approach is recognized as the appropriate scientific method (Tilaki and Hedayati, 2015;Polkinghorne, 1991). This study will examine the organizational structure of the United Nations in order to come to a conclusion as to a more efficient structure that could have been used during the
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