Global Oriented Response Paper

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Problem and Change Sought: Our group is hoping to alleviate violence and inequality procedures towards non-cisgender and non-binary gendered individuals by promoting awareness of the lack of protections and gender neutrality in place for these individuals.

Evidence 1
Research Focus: Global Oriented

The article starts with an explanation of the frame “sexual violence against women” and that it is said to be the only frame for violence-sexual or otherwise. However, the author goes onto to explain that this frame, while successful for getting help in situations towards women, excludes all other individuals as beings who could be sexually violated or even gender-based violence. She explains that men, lesbians, gay, trans women and men and even gender-fluid/less individuals also have problems with the (sexual) violence. That there is almost no measures in place to successfully help individuals who have experienced these problems and that most don’t even acknowledge that they are a problem.
She also states that men aren’t the only perpetrators of these crimes and that we should acknowledge the male/trans victims or the women/trans perpetrators. We have to acknowledge all the bases in these situations when making laws and policies to protect from these situations. The best way to do this is to get rid of the gender-based
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Texts included those identifying a murder victim as wearing clothing, jewelry, and/or makeup associated with a gender other than the one they were labeled at birth; naming a murder victim as transsexual, transgender, a cross-dresser, or a transvestite; and/ or describing the victim of fatal violence as a man in a dress, a man posing as a woman, passed as a man, a woman posing as a man, female impersonator, or a woman who is really a man. (Schilt, Westbrook.
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