Global Overpopulation And Its Effects On The Population

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Global Overpopulation Controllable Or Inevitable Global overpopulation is an extremely broad topic that represents exactly what one would think, the overpopulation of the entire globe. Though global overpopulation is broad topic, there are many key factors that aid in the increasing total population. Some factors are more effective than others, but the most altering factor is the percentage of fertility. The direct connection between reducing the population is through pregnancy rates. There are multiple ways that a women’s pregnancy rate could be significantly reduced, by the use of birth control. In the articles, “Global Overpopulaton” by Hobart Rowen and “When Birth Control Isn 't for Birth Control" by Karen Klein and "How to Make Birth Control More Effective." by Danielle Braff, these are great examples of how utilizing birth control will aid in the control of maintaining and reducing the growing population rates. Including the possible results, if a solution is not discovered and the population numbers continue to grow. “Human nature being what it is, most people tend to focus mainly on short-term goals of enriching themselves and experiencing pleasure rather than safeguarding the environment over the long term” (Kuo). This is a very enlightening quote, it states what many believe, but not willing to speak out and support. In the article, “Global Overpopulation” includes numerous examples of rhetoric; the first rhetorical element presented is ethos, which is the
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