Global Pain and Suffering: Our Responsibility

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Global Pain and Suffering: Our Responsibility We all encounter people, events and happenings that end up changing our lives forever. When I first saw the picture, what I felt cannot be explained using mere words. Here was a child, a hungry African child too weak to walk, being stalked by a huge vulture. In any case, the scavenging bird was simply waiting for the child to die so that it could feed on its (the child's) carcass. This is a picture that is said to have touched the hearts of many across the world. In any case, it did not only touch my heart but it also did effectively change my perception of a number of things including but not limited to the role of the rest of the world when it comes to addressing global pain and suffering. However, what totally broke my heart and even made me shed a tear were the circumstances in which the disturbing photograph was taken. Taken in Sudan several years ago by Kevin Carter, an award-winning photojournalist, the said image shows a starving toddler in a bent position as if overcome by hunger. Behind the toddler is a vulture patiently waiting for her to die. According to the text accompanying the picture, the child was struggling to make its way to a feeding center nearby. Although the image in this case is pretty disturbing by itself, the claim that Carter simply walked away after taking the photograph is even more disturbing. When I first saw the picture and read the accompanying text, I couldn't help but ask myself a myriad
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