Global Pattern of Ageing Populations

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Task 1: Identify a global pattern of either youthful or ageing populations
Youthful populations are dispersed unevenly around the world. They tend to be concentrated in regions such as Asia and Africa. The least developed the country is, the more likely is it to have a youthful population. There are a few exceptions in Asia such as China because of their one child policy and Japan because it is a developed country. Japan is developing stage 3. South of the Sahara in Africa there is a cluster of least developed countries. Africa mainly has youthful populations. There are no exceptions in Africa as the whole of Africa is developing or least developed. While in Asia most of the countries are developing with a small linear pattern of least developed countries. All the areas with a youthful population tend to be least developed.

Ageing populations tend to be concentrated in developed regions. There are three concentrations of developing countries. Such as Europe, Oceania and Northern America, Japan being the exception because Asia is mainly a developing region. Developed countries are mainly in the fourth stage. This means a low birth rate, a low death rate, a longer life expectancy but a higher dependency ratio. Lower birth rates and high life expectancy tend to lead to a higher proportion of older people. There are three main clusters of developed countries in a nucleated pattern with some exceptions in Eastern Europe. These countries consist of Ukraine, Moldova, Bosnia,
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