Global Perspective Assessment Essay

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Global Perspectives Assessment Name Course Number Date Instructor Global Perspectives Assessment In the modern world, on the basis of the recent changes that exist as a result of the exchange of information, transportation, and the trade in goods and sales, crime has become a demand-driven global phenomenon. In view of the situation, the sociological study of crime that covers resourceful information over criminals and the punishment of criminals must become global in its scope. The aforementioned coveys that comparative criminology, the international study of crime, should be considered when weighing the pros and cons of a situation before making a decision, and not regarded as a separate subject. Based upon this assumption, this…show more content…
To that purpose, many countries make use of practical applications of the legal systems develop mixtures of common law and other forms of law. Technology in the Criminal Justice Environment Technology has enhanced within the years into solving complex crimes using efficient techniques or tools conducted by a special task force to protect against possible undesirable events. For example, cyber-crime is through the use of computers and information systems that potentially access another’s computer without authorization that may have a corruptive effect, especially on the mind downloading illegal material used for personal gain emphasizing necessity. However, the technological communication efforts are databases built to conduct special task force assessments to stay current with the ongoing criminal activities that develop the usage of the technological information systems without authorization. These databases affect the communicating of information in a way to move faster and efficiently to conduct the arrest of a suspect, to obtain warrants, and to locate a criminal. In addition, the databases provide factual information to conduct further investigations and apprehensions helping the worldwide justice system to become more effective giving those faster results by means of communicating through the new innovative database technological systems. The cyber-crime unit will conduct an extensive investigation through the usage of the new
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