Global Perspective on Health Policy

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Health Care Reform: the Macro Perspective Andrew Ojo HCS/550 December 16, 2013 Connie Melton Health Care Reform, the Macro Perspective Often a time individuals living in America wonders how the health care system could change for the better. One problem that has constantly troubled the minds of consumers have been the subject of health care cost and restrictions invoked by health care coverage providers. At the moment, most of the American people need quality health care services resulting mainly from lack of health care coverage. Here in the United States health care policy and health care service has become controversial domestic issue. Most Americans have this believe that there is a strain on their budgets resulting from how…show more content…
Assessment can also be referred to as conducting analysis. Conducting analysis involves three major steps; a. Identifying the owner of the policy or the representative form the constituency that such a policy affects by so doing that person can is able to push and monitor such a policy’s development. b. Determine the best policy path; this involves identifying which arm of the state, department, or constituency that best supports the policy. This will help gather votes for the support of the developing policy c. Pick a team; because most policy procedure documents are sometimes used by various groups a policy developer need to get experts who are specialized and will prepare a well-informed policy (Association of college and university policy administrators, n.d). 3. Create a Draft: this step requires policy developers or facilitators to draw out an actual paper work carefully defining the terms of a said policy, the committee here write out rules and regulations, guidelines or standards as it helps clarify a policy process. The member of the committee in this step all need a common ground and format to manage and produce the policy. When those involved in policy developing are operating at the same level in terms of access to information, consistency is guaranteed. Finding a common format during policy development help makes a policy
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