Global Position Systems : Conflict And Communication On Project Aerial

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TerraCog Global Position Systems: Conflict and Communication on Project Aerial Background TerraCog Inc. is a company that specializes in high quality global position system and fishing sonar equipment. Even though TerraCog is usually late to enter the market with new products, they always outperform their competitors by having a higher quality product and better addressing the needs of the consumer. In 2006, Posthaste, a rival company, introduced a GPS prototype called “BirdsI”. At the time, BirdsI was the only handheld GPS that contained satellite imagery. TerraCog did not see any threat initially, an example of short-sightedness and complacency on management’s part. Eventually, wary of their lapse in judgment upon their rivals’ sudden takeover of the handheld GPS market, TerraCog President Richard Fiero made a push to launch a TerraCog version of BirdsI – Project Aerial. Problems soon arose, however, when the costs of Aerial proved to be too burdensome and uncompetitive. A decision had to be made immediately about the pricing and initial production volume. The department managers squabbled in a series of highly contentious meeting over these details, but reached no agreement. The head of the sales team, Ed Pryor, thought the price should be below $425 to capture lost market share. The pricing team, however, estimated the price at $475. This price was considered too high for the sales team to consider. In the end, the decision was up to Emma Richardson, the new Executive
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