Global Positioning Systems ( Gps ) Essay

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Summary TerraCog is a company provide high-quality Global Positioning System (GPS). Emma Richardson, the new executive vice president of TerraCog. She was tasked with overseeing the new product - Aerial launch. “Aerial” is a GPS with satellite imagery aim to regain market share lost to “Birdsl”. Emma scheduled a launch meeting in early march in order to reach an agreement on the price point for Aerial. Participants of the meeting including: sales, products, design & development, software and firmware, hardware department. The first meeting closed with an impasse. So Emma planned to launch the resumption of Aerial Pre-Launch Meeting one week later, and invited the co-founder and CFO of TerraCog to join the meeting. Finally, they got nothing into an agreement once again. Stakeholders • Emma Richardson, the executive vice president, the facilitator • Allen Roth, the director of design & development • Tony Barren, the direct of production team • Ed Pryor, the vice president of sales • Rickard Fiero, the president of TerraCog • Becky Timmons, the CFO of TerraCog • Harold Whistler, TerraCog’s co-founder • Retailers Problem Identification Resumption of Aerial Pre-Launch Meeting’s goal is to get all parties to reach an agreement on the price point for Aerial. During the meeting, every participant hold their own position and refuse to make any compromise: the production team provided the final price estimation of the Aerial at $475, the sales department disagreed with this
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