Global Poverty Comes In Many Shapes And Sizes With Numerous

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Global poverty comes in many shapes and sizes with numerous underlying causes. Many of those living in an impoverished state live without things that most people take for granted in first world countries on their day to day lives. Such as running water, access to clean water, healthcare, and reliable source of income. Without many of these basic needs, the country is left in a stagnant state and many times things spiral out of control for decades before a things begin to improve in the slightest. In many of these cases, the people living within an impoverished state cannot be held solely accountable. Many of the causes that lead to everyday people living in poverty are out of their control. Some of which can be large-scale government…show more content…
Symbolic interactionists believe that people 's interpretation of these symbols influence the decisions people make on their day to day lives. Due to this, symbolic interactionists use a micro unit of analysis since they are looking at the actions of everyday people on a small scale to learn about how symbols influence their day to day lives. This perspective was introduced by George H. Mead in the 1920’s. One of the largest criticisms of symbolic interaction is that due to the micro unit of analysis they are unable to see the big picture in their research. Lastly, we have conflict theory. This theory was brought about by Karl Marx and his writings on class struggles. He believed that the upper class, known as the bourgeoisie, controlled the means of production and used the lower class, known as the proletariat, to sell themselves in the form of wages to the upper class for the production of goods that the bourgeoisie would sell to increase their wealth without any improvement for the proletariat. He believed that this created a class struggle with the lower class being at the beck and call of the upper class. This theory focuses on the negative aspects of society and believes that the wealthy view the poor as tools rather than people. Marx believed that the key struggle in society as strictly economic, rather than due to race, sex, or sexual orientation. Global poverty has been internationally defined as
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