Global Poverty Essay

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Poverty is defined as "the state of being poor; lack of the means of providing material needs or comforts.(" More children live in poverty in the United States than in any other developed country (p. 192, Parrillo). Generally, poverty is blamed either on the individual or the system. Several dimensions such as intelligence, poverty culture, family life and the system of capitalism give explanation as to why poverty exists in the U.S. Intelligence has been labeled as one of the factors of poverty in the U.S. because of research done by sociologist, Richard Herrnstein, who "argued that the poor have a lower intellectual capability than the non-poor, and that they marry other people of low intelligence, thus producing children of low …show more content…
Finally, the system of capitalism is one of the few dimensions that places the blame on society for the existence of poverty. "Socialist, Michael Harrington argued the inadequate programs and misdirected priorities hampered efforts to solve this far from intractable problem (p. 217, Parrillo)." Because the poor have no positive influence in society and lack political support, they have no means of power to break the ongoing cycle of poverty. The United States tried to rectify the poverty problem in several ways. Through social programs such as welfare and social security, the poor are given a minimal amount of money in order to aid their existence. The "Trickle Down" approach was installed by the Reagan-Bush Republican administrators with the belief that in giving the upper-class a tax cut, the rich would have more money to pump into the economy which would eventually reach the lower classes. The Interventionist Approach was an action taken on behalf of the federal government, which sought to educate and employ the poor in order to help them attain a job career. Unfortunately, these social programs have not been able to keep up with the inflation rates and the constant want of material goods by the poor created by the need to fit in with the middle and upper classes. In reaction to the deregulation of the international market, many other countries are simulating the American capitalistic system. By "reducing social benefits towards the poor and unemployed and
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