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Global Problems The present global political situation is serious and desperately invites public awareness and concern. Global problems cannot be solved locally; they must be studied locally with an eye towards a mass-movement that would raise awareness of the severity of the problems as well as the absence of viable solutions. A comprehensive view should evolve through critical discussions regarding both problems and possible solutions. The movement must seek to create minimal scientific literacy (that is, attention to factual reports plus a critical attitude toward them). The movement must be educational and democratic; it must encourage individual autonomy. It must freely confess ignorance and slowly develop ideas in a combination of…show more content…
(These are the four P's.) These dangers reinforce each other and there is no saying how much time we have before the threat of extinction becomes irreversible. The survival of humanity should be on top of every political agenda, global, international, national and party-political. Clearly, it is not. Some brave, concerned and dedicated intellectuals, such as the philosopher Arne Naess, have relinquished their ordinary interests and activities, in order to devote the little they can do to face the central problems of human survival. They have my profound admiration, but not my consent: there is no good reason to follow their footsteps. Even though the concern of these brave and dedicated individuals is correct, their abandonment of all other aspects of their work may be too radical. My reasons for suggesting this is simple: the service of intellectuals as intellectuals, especially of philosophers as philosophers, may be more useful then their service as mere political activists and propagandists. Here is the place to mention the general educational value of intellectual discipline, including certain valuable traits of philosophy. Though regrettably they are not sufficiently generally practiced even by leading philosophers, they still contribute to intellectual

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