Global Public Policy Is Made By State And Non State Actors

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Global public issues such as global climate change, international financial market, illicit international trade, cross border migration, internet governance and cyber war, nuclear proliferation, global public drug and etc cause a need of global public policy. Basically global public policy has been designed in order to achieve desired goals in global public challenges. Global public policy is made by state and non-state actors. In classical political science only the states were recognized as a significant actors in public policy and international policies were made between states( Wimmer and Schiller,2002), while in the recent decades non-state actors play important role in global governance(Whitman, 2009,87). For instance, UN, UNDP, UNIDO are central in the global public sphere (Kaul 2003). Global public policy activities take place among non state actors and intergovernmental counterpart in global agora (Stone, 2008, 5-8).Global public policy needs to be made in global agora. Previously, global agora was a place for social, economical, political and cultural interaction of states and non-states members. However, today global agora is evolving with various set of networks , global public and private partnership and multilateral initiatives global agora is managed by business and policy elites(Stone, 2008, 10). Global public policy aim to respond to three types of policy problems (Soroos 1991): Firstly, transboundary problems such as money laundry, drug trafficking and
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