Global Responsibility Of A Public For Profit Company

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Today’s culture is pushing companies to be more socially responsible on all levels. Companies who fail to adapt risk becoming overshadowed by competitors that do so. According to the text, "...companies displaying a 'clear commitment to ethical conduct ' consistently outperform companies that do not display ethical conduct..." (Strategic Management, 312). It is therefore important for companies to meet the standards of customers who choose to shop with a ‘filter’. As such, it is important to investigate how a company ranks when doing a strategy analysis. The following paragraphs look into Starbucks to see what socially responsible actions they claim to do, where they fall amongst their competitors, and whether their claims are truthful.
Research Findings
Starbucks answers this demand for social responsibility through what they call a “global responsibility” report which addresses what the role and responsibility of a public for-profit company should be (, Global Responsibility). It is structured in a point by point 20 page report detailing their stance on issues at home and abroad. Some of the pages in the report links to some of their other web pages that explain the topic in question in more detail. Their report follows GRI standards relatively well. Aspects such as strategy/analysis, organizational profile, report parameters, and governance/commitments/engagements are well covered. Their economic, human rights, society, and environmental performance
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