Global Security Challenges Facing The United States Military

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There will be significant global security challenges facing the United States Military by 2025. The U.S will face multiple, coinciding security issues from state actors and regional networks all taking full benefit of rapid science and technological changes. Three overlapping conflicts which has the greatest potential to influence state and non-state actors and force the Armed Forces to restructure their formations are “Wars of Silicon, Iron, and Shadow. “The United States must design an innovative readiness and investment strategy to successfully deal with all three.” These innovative concepts support Combatant Commanders so; they can win in full spectrum operations and defend U.S. interests at home and overseas. QDR 2014 provides the framework to counter these threats, which are, rebalance for full spectrum conflicts, prioritize U.S. posture to protect U.S. interest, and rebalance the capability, capacity, and readiness of the Joint Force. Joint Force 2025 will need to rebalance, be technologically superior, prioritize capabilities to deter hybrid adversaries, implement and mitigate stringent risk control measures; in addition, contend with the multifarious budgetary constraints.
The “War of Silicone” the greatest example of hybrid strategies will require the Armed Forces to adapt, be innovative, and re-prioritize programs within their organizations. “This war represent the "high bar" a potential U.S. faceoff against a state or non-state actors who will use
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