Global Security : Cloud Computing Essay

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ABSTRACT Cloud computing provides a flexible, collaboration and cost efficient way for business to manage computing resource online. However, while cloud services provide potential benefits to business, it also come with increased security risks. This report aims to identify the most common current threats to secure information in the cloud and the most common vulnerabilities that are exploited in order to realize those threats. Recommended controls to mitigate the risks of these threats being realized will be provided for consideration. 1 INTRODUCTION Cloud computing combines a number of computing concepts and technologies in objective to provide secure, quick, convenient data storage and net computing service with all computing resources visualized as services and delivered over the internet. Cloud computing has brought financial benefits and promises to many business and organizations a way to enhance their information technology such as collaboration, agility, scalability and availability without heavy upfront capital costs in servers meanwhile achieving minimal management effort for service providers. 2 THREATS AND VULNERABILITIES In the RSA Conference 2016, the Cloud Security Alliance listed the top 12 cloud computing threats organizations face in 2016. The experts have identified the following 12 critical issues to cloud security and ranked in order of severity: 1. Data Breaches 2. Weak Identity, Credential and Access Management 3. Insecure APIs 4. System and
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