Global Software Development : Improving The Quality Of Requirements

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Global Software Development (GSD): Improving the Quality of Requirement Artifacts in the Planning Phase
Nivedha Anbazhagan
Seminar in Project Management (TCM 726, Fall 2014)
Missouri State University

When the software development is performed on a global scale the Requirements Elicitation phase in Requirements Engineering is very complex and it demands more attention. When considering distributed development and the challenges faced in it the available requirements elicitation approaches cannot be applied in all scenarios of Global Software Development and requires further improvements to be used effectively in a distributed development environment. This paper gives a comprehensive survey of present requirements elicitation approaches and the limitations of these approaches when applied in a Global Software Development scenario. By taking these limitations in to consideration an Iterative Framework for Requirements Elicitation in Global Software Development is proposed. When the proposed approach is compared with the existing approach in different phases of the Requirements Engineering process the results show the effectiveness of the proposed approach and also shows that the Iterative approach for Requirements Elicitation gives better customer satisfaction than the existing approaches.

The globalization of business has influenced the software industry to work for customers around the world. Software development has…
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