Global Software Development : Improving The Quality Of Requirements

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Global Software Development (GSD): Improving the Quality of Requirement Artifacts in the Planning Phase
Nivedha Anbazhagan
Seminar in Project Management (TCM 726, Fall 2014)
Missouri State University

When the software development is performed on a global scale the Requirements Elicitation phase in Requirements Engineering is very complex and it demands more attention. When considering distributed development and the challenges faced in it the available requirements elicitation approaches cannot be applied in all scenarios of Global Software Development and requires further improvements to be used effectively in a distributed development environment. This paper gives a comprehensive survey of
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For efficient software development, Global Software Development requires effective communication and information between the different groups that are in different geographical location. Also the coordination among the groups is very important to achieve the overall objective. In Global Software Development these communications and coordination may have to place within the same organization or inter-organization also called outsourcing which is not very task for the developers and also a very difficult task especially for the engineers in the requirements gathering phase. Requirements Engineering (RE) is and very important phase in the software development because it is this process that gives us a base for the overall software development process. This process gets even difficult and it requires more attention when the stakeholders are separated in different geographical location and have different languages and live different cultures. Requirements engineering deals with getting the needs of the customer understand the requirements of the system to be developed. In this process we also have to understand the constraints and adapt to those constraints during the process. Global Software Development is making the practice of requirements engineering a vital one. D. Zowghi, (2003) states that as software development has progressed today, it can be said that
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