Global Spirits Brands Localizing Advertising Essay

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Why are Diageo, Pernod Ricard, and other marketers of global spirits brands localizing advertising campaigns in emerging markets? By localizing specific target markets, marketers are able to make more of an impact on several groups of specific markets than they would have if they had simply stayed with a general advertisement for a global brand. We have seen this in many major companies before. For example, Louis Vuitton would record one commercial and then change the voice over or text to be in whichever language or dialect they wanted it to be. In this case, marketers are doing the opposite by allowing many different options in order to attract a specific segment of consumers. I think market segmentation is critical for the success of Scotch from country to country for the reason that people drink Scotch from country to country for different reasons such as success. Since Scotch is widely associated with success and achievement, as well as accelerating thirst for Scotch, understanding each culture is important. The self-satisfaction associated with achieving a goal may not be enough to persuade Chinese consumers to purchase Scotch whisky. The Chinese market for Scotch Whiskey is highly segmented because self-satisfaction from achieving a goal is not enough; they need acknowledgement of achievement from others. For advertising for the Chinese, the scotch would need to be represented in a group in share of an occasion. Not only this, but localizing their advertising

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