Global Strategic Management ( Block Mode Exam )

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GLOBAL STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT (BLOCK MODE EXAM): NAME: Kausarbanu Shaikh STUDENT NUMBER: 11973005 LECTURER: (Antoine Hermens) ESSAY QUESTION (Answer in not more than 1000 words – 15 marks) QUE: What do you see as the major difference in Global Strategic Management for a global company for one with significant businesses in many countries) compared to strategic management for companies that only operate business in one country? Discuss this differences and why they are important for global/multi-country businesses? (Word count of answer: 1000) ANS:1 A company that only conduct business in one country or a defined area is known as local company while a company which has global existence with the streamlined marketing strategy and mix for…show more content…
Contingency framework developed by Yip’s (1989) for the global strategies explains that peripheral industry or market factors drive globalization. “A global strategy must match the globalization potential of the industry as defined by the cost, market, government and competitive environments” Yip’s regularizing contingency framework has been borrowed precisely from the foundation of co alignment. As stated, “The degree of a firm’s global strategy depends on the industry’s globalization potential as defined by market, cost, governmental and competitive factors” “The extent that the firm’s global strategy fits the industry globalization potential, positive performance will result” Yip’s(1989) management approaches has outlined four major key factors of the global market as Market drivers, Economic drivers, Competitive drivers, Government drivers. Planning, policies and procedures are the backbone of high grade productivity, decisive and a flexible access for a better layout and a zestfull business. The thumb rule of success in this pursuit is a newer genesis of biz managers must arise. Managers who are willing to dare the present day commercial, fiscal, industrial along with cultural models as well as day to day questions clarify them with different techniques. There are various models of strategy which has been tried and
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