Global Strategy : Global Marketing

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Global strategy: Global strategy is considered as a detailed plan on how an organization or a firm can be successful marketing its products or services at global level to enhance business growth, and increase profit margin (Lynch, 2014). Organizations or firms will have many reasons why its imperial for the businesses to penetrate or enter global market, some of these reasons will include to increase profit margin, increase sales, expand the scope of the business at a global scale, and increase market competitiveness (Winters, 2015). To effectively accomplish the global business goals and objectives by any firm, the company will require an extensive detailed comprehensive global strategy to effectively accomplish their business goals. Other International strategies: Some of the international strategies to include multinational strategy where a company is involved in several market outside of its home country, the company will then be required to designed different strategic methods for each of the markets because of competition, customers request and demand are different from country to country as competitive advantage is determined separately from each country (Lynch, 2914). Another international strategy is the global strategy where a company designed a marketing plan for entire global market, the organization now consider global market as largely a market, which means market and competitive approach is designed largely on a global scale respectively (Winters, 2015). The

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