Global Strategy and Leadership

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MODULE 1 AN INTRODUCTION TO STRATEGY & LEADERSHIP 1.7 – 1.14 What are the ways strategies can be developed? Approaches to understanding strategy: ❖ Rational - based on a model in which the conception and execution of strategy are treated as discrete, sequential activities. Chandler (1962) defined strategies as a straightforward process made up of two chronological activities. The following steps are typical of the method employed in this approach: 1. The establishment of clear strategic objectives 2. The analysis of an organisation’s strategic situation, its external environment, and its internal resources and capabilities. 3. The generation, evaluation and choice of strategic…show more content…
❖ Situational – this approach argues that there is no universally appropriate style of leadership. But that a particular style will be effective in some circumstances. ❖ Transformational – these leaders provide individualised consideration, intellectual stimulation and possess charisma. ❖ Transactional - these leaders guide and motivate their followers in the direction of established goals by clarifying role and task requirements. See Figure 1.4 in study guide 1.31 for Styles of managing strategic change. 1.34 How does ethics and corporate social responsibility influence strategy? Leadership and ethics ❖ The classical view of ethics This view holds that for an organisation to pursue values other than profit maximisation poses a threat to survival and unjustly subverts the intentions of its owners. ❖ The socio-economic view This view argues that the leaders of organisations have a responsibility to the society that creates and sustains them. This responsibility goes beyond the profit imperative to include protecting and improving society’s welfare; i.e. leaders should instil values in their organisations which ensure they comply not only with the law but also with the morality of society. MODULE 2 UNDERSTANDING THE EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT 2.5 External environment analysis – Analysing an industry - Aim: to determine how attractive the industry will be in the
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