Global Supply Chain Management And Logistics Management

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Jaimini Patel 26th April,2016 Global Supply Chain Management means the sourcing and procurement, conversion and all logistics management activities through the planning and management of all activities. It’s also considers the co-ordination and collaboration with channel partners including suppliers, intermediaries, third-party service provides and customers across the world. Elements of the Global Supply Chain Management:…show more content…
All task necessary get the 7R- right product, right quantity, right condition, right price, right place, right time, and right customer. Logistics functions about the moving materials or goods from one place to another place the following area of logistics management contribute to integrated approach to logistics within supply chain management. • The first one is transportation: transportation is the mode of many movement of goods through the supply chain like rail, air, road, water and pipeline. • The second one is the warehousing: warehousing is the activities related to the receiving, storing and shipping of the materials to the start and ending of the process of production or distribution locations. • The third one is 3PLs (third party) and 4PLs (fourth party): 3PLs logistics provides actually perform or manage one or more logistics services. A third party logistics is a buyer and supplier team with them third party provides delivery services, this third party may provide added supply chain expertise. Exhibit the straight processes of third party logistics with the third party providing moving goods from the factory to wholesaler. Third party logistics may be a specialized provide focuses
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