Global Sustainability

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MG20: Analytical Essay on Global Sustainability

Global sustainability is multi-faceted topic and is very complex. However, at its essence, global sustainability is defined as using your resources wisely today to give your children a better life tomorrow. It is the balance between using enough to develop right now but leaving enough for future generations. For example, if we were only looking at preserving the environment and not developing it, we might use none of the resources and leave them to be. But the problem with that is that then there is no resources for us to use. On the other hand, if we were just looking to develop the land, we would use all of our resources, but then there would be no more left for the future. Thus, I want our
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As I mentioned before, the world has been using more than it created especially in the US. The only reason why we Americans can live like we do is because we use resources of other countries. If everyone in the world were to live like the average American, then we would need around 5 Earths to provide for everyone. One way to reduce our footprint would be to use less. Of course, everyone hears that we should reduce, recycle, and reuse, but how many people actually do that. One great example of a place where everything used is completely renewable and eco-friendly is the Govardhan Eco-Village in India. This village, while not possible everywhere, sets the tone for sustainable living. For sustainability they utilize various techniques like organic farming, water conservation, soil biotechnology, and waste management. This village has attracted much attention and has won many awards including the International Green World Award and International Zero Waste Award. Using this as a model, I believe that with serious reform, we can improve our cities and homes to leave a smaller footprint and to become more…show more content…
Renewable energy sources like solar, wind and hydroelectric are available but are not used often. I want us to put a limit on countries on how much non-renewable energy sources they can use. Only if we work together, help the other countries can we accomplish this. In fact, just today(1/24) Scotland has set a goal for using 50% renewable energy by 2030. I think that Scotland has set a realistic goal and that other countries should follow their lead. Non-renewable energy sources are bound to run out and when they do, we can either be ready by using renewable energy or have a global crisis. One of the best renewable energy sources currently is solar energy. Solar panels cost very little to install and have little to no maintenance. The sun provides us with more energy than we need. In fact, in just over an hour, the sun provides enough energy to run the world for an entire year. Even with the current 20% efficient solar panels, we could easily solve our energy problem. Therefore, by beginning to transition to solar energy today, we will be preventing a catastrophe of
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