Global Systems Continuously Change Over The Course Of Time

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Global systems continuously change over the course of time, but there is one section of history in particular where technological, political, economic, military, and cultural developments have developed quite drastically. Starting with the Renaissance in Europe and continuing until the beginning of World War One, we saw dramatic changes of multiple systems across the globe and that is what we will be analyzing here in this essay. Around the year 1450, we start to see major changes within the Renaissance. We saw large numbers break away from the main Church and form individual opinions, this expansion of individual thought is fueled by the spread of knowledge in the humanities and sciences. This spread of knowledge was possible thanks to a person named Johann Gutenberg of Germany, who created the printing press, a way to print multiple pages at a speed far beyond the capacity at the time. Before the printing presses release, all books were written by hand, now we could print entire pages at one time therefore making the process of book making exponentially faster and easier. We also see a change in the world of art. The term used in the art world is realism, before the Renaissance, many painting were much less detailed, but soon, detailed portraits of actual people started to come to the surface. The Renaissance was focused in Europe at the time, but it would not be long until its influence would be felt all over the world.
The European Renaissance is truly the turning
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