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“What are the characteristics of effective teams? What challenges do managers face in managing global teams? How should those challenges be handled?”
25st of November 2011
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The purpose of this essay is to examine the characteristics of effective teams as well as the challenges faced by managers to lead global teams. It will also analyse how these challenges should be handled. It will provide a definition of an effective and global team. To be able to discuss the subject of how global teams should be managed, it will identify the different challenges managers face in a global workforce. The essay will analyse and argue the solutions offered to overcome these challenges to lead an
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A global team is particularly prone to problems of trust between members because of lack of informal relationship. Stan and Aleesandri (2010) view collective trust as the common belief among group members that a particular member will behave in accordance with the commitments, will be honest in the negotiations preceding those commitments, and will refrain from taking undue advantage of another trust. Developing relationship based on trust between members determines the cohesion of the team and increases the collective wisdom due to the combination of the team diversity. On the other hand, Deresky (2007, P129) explains that the absence of trust would isolate team members and turn the asset of diversity into a disadvantage.

In conjunction with his/her communication and the level of trust within his/her team, the manager faces the challenge to define extremely clear goals and objectives as well as different roles and decision making processes within the team. A global team is more likely subject to suffer confusion of roles and responsibilities. If the goals of each team member are not set clearly, some of the team members could go beyond the perimeters of their role and create a loss of efficiency.
So in conclusion, how should the manager handle these challenges and melt cultural expectations and communications style into a performing asset? The manager faces the challenges of understanding the cultural differences
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