Global Temperature Measurement And Control

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Nanmac Corporation, established in 1956, is a global temperature measurement and control company focusing in the industries of test and measurement equipment, manufacturing, and electronics (Business Profiles, 2014). It specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of ultra-high temperature sensors and temperature measurements, particularly the production of large quantities of conventional thermocouples and RTDs (Thermocouples & RTDs, 2014), to the "exact standards of the United States Government" (Nanmac Corp, 2015). In the Framingham, Massachusetts location is a certified calibration lab that consists of a pressure and vacuum testing facility, a machine shop, and a certified welding shop; the entire lab is "traceable to the National…show more content…
Dan Nanigian, President and CEO, is essentially the Management Representative and has the ultimate responsibility to maintain the Quality Management System and also is required to guarantee that the system undergoes continual improvement, is efficient, and complies with Mil Std-Q-9858A requirements. His job is to work with the General Manager to initiate and oversee the Quality System and provide the necessary resources to uphold the system. The two make up the Executive Management Team and are also required to conduct management reviews of the Quality System, along with overseeing the goals established to reduce the amount of rejects produced in each phase of operations and in the company 's products (pg.2). The Quality Management and System Standard is reviewed at least once per year to "assess the effectiveness and continuing suitability of the standard" (pg.4). Nanigian is solely responsible for carrying out such reviews being sure to document the conclusions accordingly. Nanmac Corporation utilizes all five of its ' departments, along with the Executive Management Team, to ensure that the Quality System is strictly adhered to: Sales, Engineering, Production, Quality Assurance, and Administration. With each department working together, the
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