Global Terrorism Is An Act Of Violence And Strategy

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Global Terrorism

The rise on terrorism has dramatically increased in a diverse range of countries around the world. Within the last year, the world has achieved the highest number of attacks. Terrorism is an act of violence and strategy towards the government. One of the main purpose of terrorism is to not only add fear into the public, but also change the public’s eye. Now, global terrorism is a bigger issue that affects the world. Global terrorism does not just affect how the economies work but how civilizations continue to manifest. Global terrorism affects and targets religious groups, governments, and political parties. Terrorism can be caused by an individual or a group of people referred to as terrorist. People who are terrorist are able to break down their mental state of mind and risk their lives for what they believe in. It is almost impossible to track down these dangerous criminals because they keep such a low profile that no one can single them out from the regular public. There have been countries that have harbored terrorism worldwide, especially in the Middle East. There have been numerous events that led to disaster and eventually war. Most terrorist organizations are radical fundamentalists who commit terror in the name of their religion. Due to the shocking event of September 11, 2001, the US government made the “war on terror” the number one issue. Terrorism has been a part of global history
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